PSE RDX™ 400 Crossbow
PSE RDX™ 400 Crossbow RDX_400

PSE RDX™ 400 Crossbow


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Product Description

PSE has supercharged the RDX for 2016 with the brand new PSE RDX™ 400!

Engineered to push our reverse-draw cam system to peak performance, the RDX™ 400 fires at a vicious 400 fps. It’s everything you need to take your crossbow season to the next level with its independent machined aluminum barrel and composite stock, patented PSE X-Tech™ limbs, crisp 3 lb. trigger pull, and field serviceable capabilities.

The RDX™ 400 is so much more than a blisteringly fast crossbow, it’s an ultra-performance monster that delivers the total crossbow package!

THE RDX™ 400 package includes:
• String Stops
• XO 3 x 32 Illuminated Scope
• Anti-Dry Fire & Auto Safety Trigger (3 Lb. Pull)
• Five Bolt Quiver
• Three 22” Thunder Boltz™ Carbon Bolts
• Three 100gr bullet Points
• One 22” Discharge Bolt
• Deluxe Neoprene No-Slip Sling
• Deluxe Crossbow Case
• Speed Loader Cocking Device
• Cocking Rope
• Rail Lube
• Foot Stirrup


Power Stroke


Axle to Axle length


Overall Length w/Stirrup



400-390 fps (with 400gr bolt)

Kinetic Energy

142 ft. lbs.

Draw Weight

165 lbs.


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