Fang™ LT
Fang™ LT 2017-pse-fang-lt-mg-1

Fang™ LT


Only Available from a PSE Dealer


Product Description

The original PSE Fang quickly became one of the best-selling crossbows in the world thanks to its unbelievable value, and now PSE is poised to shake things up again with the all-new 2017 Fang LT! The Fang LT is a super compact and lightweight crossbow that shoots up to 330 FPS, delivering high performance in an extreme value package!

THE FANG™ LT package includes:
• String Stops
• 4X32 MR Scope
• Anti-Dry Fire & Auto Safety Trigger
• Five Bolt Quiver
• Three 20″ Carbon Bolts with 100 grain Bullet Points
• Cocking Rope
• Rail Lube
• Foot Stirrup
• Soft Coat Trigger Grip



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