Carbon Air 32 ECS
Carbon Air 32 ECS 2017_pse_carbon_air_32hl carbon-air-32-hl_bk

Carbon Air 32 ECS

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Only Available from a PSE Dealer

Product Description

The ultimate carbon hunting bow has EVOLVED for 2017! We’ve powered up the 2017 Carbon Air® 32 ECS with our new EVOLVE® Cam System (ECS) to give it a buttery smooth draw cycle, hard back wall, and an unbelievable 90% let-off that you’ll have to feel to believe! This bow is amazingly comfortable to draw and hold at full draw with rock solid aim, and thanks to our new AirGlide® cable guard system, every draw is free of unnecessary string friction. The Carbon Air® 32 ECS also doesn’t sacrifice speed for the incredible feel either, shooting an amazing 342 fps!

Available in Black, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Skullworks 2, or Black with Camo Limbs
THE CARBON AIR 32 ECS is ONLY available at your local PSE dealer!



Black, Black\Camo Limbs, Country, Skullworks 2

Brace Height


Axle To Axle






Mass Weight

3.3 lbs.

Draw Length Range

24-1/2″ – 30″

Draw Weight

60#, 70#

Max. Limb Bolt Turns

7 Turns

1 review for Carbon Air 32 ECS

  1. 5 out of 5


    I was finally in a big city where I could go look at this amazing bow. I fell in love with it the first shoot. This is that bow that has the wow factor to it. I had to buy! It came with a nice case too.

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PSE Revolutionizes the Carbon Bow.

PSE first introduced a carbon bow back in 1996, but today there are improved methods of manufacturing carbon that allow products to be lighter, more rigid and almost indestructible. That’s why PSE decided it was time to rewrite the book on carbon bow technology... and we’ve done just that.

PSE has taken the same single-shell monocoque carbon construction principles used by aerospace, automotive, yachting, and cycling, and applied them to archery with the revolutionary new 2016 PSE Carbon Air® and our TrueCarbon™ Technology.

The Incredible Strength of Carbon

There’s a reason why the F22 Raptor has over 350 carbon parts; it’s because carbon is strong, rigid, lightweight and durable.

More importantly, prepreg carbon allows you to optimize fiber alignment to strengthen the product and control flex. Carbon also has significantly less thermal conductivity and a lower thermal expansion coefficient than aluminum.

When applied to a bow, this means a light, stable platform that is comfortable in your hand in all temperatures and conditions. Impressive, sure… but the engineers at PSE knew they could make carbon bow technology even better.

How Monocoque Construction Changes Everything…

Monocoque construction creates a single structural carbon fiber shell. When Lamborghini created their
2 million dollar supercar, the Reventón, they used a monocoque carbon body rather than a metal design.
This carbon shell created an unbelievably strong and lightweight platform.

This is exactly what PSE has done with the 2016 PSE Carbon Air®. Not satisfied with the weight and limitations of the solid carbon components used by other bows, we’ve developed our TrueCarbon™ technology to create a single structural carbon shell.

When combined with our proprietary new Structural Rigid Acoustic Core (S-RAC™), this delivers the lightest, strongest, quietest, and most stable carbon bow platform ever.

PSE’s New S-RAC Technology Stops Vibration at the Core!

The TrueCarbon™ shell of the PSE Carbon Air® is filled with our proprietary Structural Rigid Acoustic Core (S-RAC™) Technology.

This lightweight fill material is designed to absorb and suppress vibration and noise at the
bow’s core, making the bow dead quiet in your hand.

Unbelievably Light

Thanks to PSE's TrueCarbon™ shell and proprietary S-RAC™ core of the Carbon Air®, the bow weighs significantly less than other carbon or aluminum bows, while the titanium limb and pocket hardware also reduces weight by another 2.5 oz.

This drops the physical weight of the Carbon Air® to an incredibly light 3.2 lbs., making it the lightest high-performance compound bow on the market.

The Exclusive “Arch Bridge” Riser Design

In addition to our new TrueCarbon™ and S-RAC™ technologies, PSE also set out to advance riser design with something that would create a fundamentally improved bridged riser structure, making the Carbon Air® amazingly strong and stable.

That’s how the PSE Carbon Air® got its unique “arch bridge” design. Instead of pushing straight down, the weight load of an arch bridge is carried outward along the curve of the arch to the supports at each end.

PSE engineers designed the Carbon Air® to do the exact same thing, offsetting the stress weight and producing an incredibly strong new bridged riser design never before accomplished in a compound bow.

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