X – Pression Limbs

X – Pression Limbs


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Product Description

The best recurve limb on the market is the PSE X-Pression limb. The X-Pression limbs are constructed to balance stability with performance making your overall shooting experience better. The ILF (International Limb Fit) limb is carbon with a foam layer and a honeycomb foam layer. Compare to other limbs of similar performance, you will soon agree the X-Pression limb is an excellent value. Limb weights and lengths are based on a 25&quot handle, if using a 23&quot handle add 2 pounds and subtract 2&quot in bow length.


Draw Weight

30#, 32#, 34#, 36#, 38#, 40#, 42#, 44#, 46#


66", 68", 70"


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