PSE Launches the Carbon Air®: the World’s First Monocoque Carbon High-Performance Bow

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TUCSON, AZ (October 1st, 2015) — PSE Archery today debuted the flagship of their 2016 Pro Series compound bow product line — the PSE Carbon Air®, the world’s first monocoque constructed carbon bow. Unlike other carbon bows that are made from fused hollow carbon tubes, the PSE Carbon Air® features a riser made from a single piece of carbon to increase the strength and stability of the carbon bow platform.

The Carbon Air® also features PSE’s proprietary Structural Rigid Acoustic Core, or S-RAC™ technology, which was designed by PSE to strengthen the bow, reduce thermal conductivity, and to suppress vibration at the bow’s core, making it impressively quiet.

PSE has also taken bridged riser design to the next level by introducing a full arch bridge shape into the Carbon Air® riser, which helps to reduce stress points and create stronger and more stable bow. According to Blake Shelby, VP of Sales & Marketing at PSE, the Carbon Air® is the result of over two years of work on revolutionizing the carbon bow.

“We could’ve just made another carbon bow like the ones currently on the market and added PSE’s X-Force™ technology, but that just isn’t how PSE thinks,” stated Shelby. “We knew that if we were going to take the leap into the carbon bow market we needed to do something that changed the game and brought new construction techniques and technologies never before seen in archery. We didn’t just want to make a carbon bow, we wanted to make the best one in the world.”

In addition to the its new technologies, the PSE Carbon Air® is also the lightest high-performance carbon bow on the market, coming in at under 3.2 lbs. PSE has also built the Carbon Air® on its acclaimed HyperDrive (HD) hybrid cam system and X-Force limbs, giving it a smooth draw cycle, ultra-stable shot, 80% let-off, and speeds of up to 340 fps. The bow also ships with PSE’s new feature accessories for 2016, including the Backstop™ 4, SHOCK MODZ™ limb dampers, ABB Platinum Strings and Cables, and an exclusive Carbon Air® bow case.


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  1. Ron says :

    Pse Carbon air is the best bow I have ever shot and at 90 yards it is right on try it.