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PSE Elite Pro Staff - Hunting

Terry Drury

Drury Outdoors

Terry worked with his father from early on in a family-owned construction company. He became interested in a career as a general contractor. In 1986, he ventured out on his own to become owner of T. Drury Contracting, Inc., specializing in real estate development and commercial contracting. Thanks to a highly motivated and hardworking team, he has been able to pursue an additional career in the hunting industry. Terry's love for the sport of hunting along with his brother Mark's, led to the development of Drury Outdoors in 1989. His belief in the ethics of hunting and high regard for safety in the woods is a key factor in the 100% Wild Fair Chase Series©. Terry feels that a major component to any great hunting team, and part of the success of Drury Outdoors, is the gratification that comes from capturing their love for the sport on videotape, and the pride they take in the quality of their products.

Mark Drury

Drury Outdoors

Mark has dedicated his life to bringing the outdoorsman the highest quality products available today. His competitive edge comes forth whether he is in the field hunting trophy whitetail or the elusive wild turkey. As a competitive turkey caller, Mark has captured no less than six different world titles in his more than 150 wins. He is still involved in creating many new products for the M.A.D. Game Calls line. However his true passion lies within land management and ensuring the quality of a healthy animal population on his farm. Laying down a successful deer harvest on videotape with his daughter Taylor may be his biggest thrill of all. He and his brother Terry have dedicated their careers to bringing that excitement into the viewer's living room year in and year out.

Jay Gregory

Wild Outdoors Television

On the Wild Outdoors they bow hunt - and they love it! Jay Gregory is one of the best-known personalities in outdoor television. He has traveled across the country hunting everything from caribou to Sandhill cranes with a bow, but his obsession is for hunting wild mid-west whitetails. He is probably best known for his ability to consistently figure out and harvest mature bucks year after year. His top bucks include a 198", 193", 191", 190", 186", 183", and 182". Its no wonder The Wild Outdoors is the longest running hunting show on the Outdoor Channel. Jay loves his PSE Omen Pro and he loves to Bow hunt everything!

Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland

Mossy Oak

Before coming to work for Mossy Oak as the company's Public Relations Director back in 1988, Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland had already piled up a decade of outdoor business experience, including years as the manager of an archery store, competitive Shooter in the 3-D and NFAA arenas as well as a wildlife videographer. Today as Senior Vice President of Media Services, he oversees production of all Mossy Oak's television shows including Mossy Oak's Hunting the County, The Obsession Revealed, Deer Thugs and Turkey Thugs. Cuz still spends more than 100 days afield each year filming, bow hunting and turkey hunting. Still, even with his busy schedule, Cuz has written three books, "The Truth About Spring Turkey Hunting According to Cuz," "The Whole Truth About Spring Turkey Hunting According to Cuz," and "Nothing But the Truth" . . .and his 4th book "Garholes" coming soon. Originally from Natchez, Miss., Cuz and his wife, Pam live in Houston, Miss. They have two daughters, Amy and Lauran and three grand children.

Hank Parker

Hank Parker Flesh and Blood

Hank Parker, often called "The Michael Jordan of Fishing", is truly one of the most accomplished and revered anglers of our time. Hank has been sharing his love of the outdoors for more than twenty years on "Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine" that presents the hunting experiences he and his sons Hank Jr. and Billy have enjoyed on "Hank Parker 3D", both airing on Versus Outdoors. Their most recent show is the mini-series "Hunt Like a Parker", airing on ESPN Outdoors. Even with all of Hank's awards and successes, he is still a regular guy whose charm and wit make you realize how much he truly loves people and sharing his passion for the outdoors.

Hank Parker Jr.

Hank Parker Flesh and Blood

Hank Parker Jr. did not start his professional career in the outdoors. He started driving racecars fulltime in 1998 in the Nascar Busch Series, driving for his father's team. In 2001, he got an opportunity to drive for GNC and won his first race at the California Speedway, and followed it up the next year by winning at Pikes Peak Speedway in Colorado. Hank Jr. raced in all three Nascar top-touring divisions (Nationwide, Craftsman Truck, and Sprint Cup) including one race for Ray Evernham in the Nascar Sprint Cup series, co-hosted "Inside the Nascar Busch series" for two years on the Speed Channel, and even commentated races for the Nationwide and Truck series on Fox, FX, and Speed Channels through the years. He raced in 167 races in an eight-year span with thirty-seven top ten finishes and thirteen top five finishes. Now retired from racing, Hank Parker Jr. currently co-hosts "Hank Parker 3D", airing on the Versus Channel and the mini-series "Hunt Like a Parker, airing on ESPN Outdoors.

Billy “Catfish” Parker

Hank Parker Flesh and Blood

Billy Parker grew up in Denver N.C as the son of an avid outdoorsman. He and his brothers found themselves spending as much time outdoors as they possibly could. Their favorite memories growing up were spent at their dad's farm in S.C hunting whitetail deer and wild turkey. Fishing, hunting and shooting bows with their dad in the backyard were their favorite activities. Billy and Hank Jr., as young teenagers, found themselves involved in stock car racing as a hobby but it quickly grew to a passion. Billy started off as a mechanic working for his brother Hank Jr. and other teams as a hired hand. While working his way into the driver's seat where he competed in Nascar late model stock races all over the southeast. Billy earned numerous 1st place victories and awards during these years of racing. He earned Billy an opportunity in the Nascar nationwide series where he raced for different team owners such as Ed Whitaker, P.P.C, and Rusty Wallace racing. Billy competed in the nationwide series in the year 2000, 2001 and 2004. As Billy reached his 8th year in racing, he started getting back to his roots hunting and fishing. Along with his brother Hank Jr. they collectively decided to leave their racing careers behind and chase another opportunity in the outdoor world where they teamed up with their dad and started their TV. show Hank Parker 3-D and Hunt like a Parker. They can be watched entertaining millions of households every week on VERSUS, PURSUIT, and ESPN.

Laura Parker

Hank Parker Flesh and Blood

Rick Kreuter

Beyond the Hunt

Rick was raised in the small town of Sundance, Wyoming near Devils Tower. Introduced to the outdoors and hunting by his father Larry, Rick has been hooked since the age of 7. He first started shooting his Dad's Recurve and has had a passion for archery every since. After earning his degree in Physical Therapy, Rick also started RK Outfitters, a guiding service specializing in archery, and has now been guiding hunts for western big game for over 16 years. Today Rick and his wife Julie continue to chase their dreams as they host their own television show Beyond The Hunt in addition to being a part of the Drury Outdoors family.

Julie Kreuter

Beyond the Hunt

Julie grew up on the family ranch in the sandhills of Nebraska. Up until graduating from college with a degree in physical therapy, most of her spare time was spent either horseback working cattle or on a tractor in the hayfield. Julie grew up in a hunting family, but it wasn't until she married Rick when she started chasing animals with a bow. As beginner's luck, her very first bow kill was a great 150's class whitetail that she shot from a tree stand in Nebraska while Rick was in Wyoming. While working in the physical therapy profession, Julie also enjoyed helping Rick guide hunters for their outfitting business, RK Outfitters. Now, in addition to being a part of the Drury Outdoors Team, she is also the other half of Beyond The Hunt. Needless to say, Julie truly enjoys spending her time in the outdoors and feels every day in the field is great opportunity to learn. She cherishes all of the friendships she has made along the way!

Dave Reisner

Drury Outdoors

"I enjoy hunting turkeys, whitetails and pheasants, and have hunted all over the country. Spring turkey season is my favorite, because it allows me the opportunity to experience different terrain and turkeys while chasing the various sub-species. I especially love bringing wildlife up close, and capturing the experience on video - no matter what the outcome. I also enjoy hunting elk and mule deer. I love the sport of archery as well as bow hunting. Since 1993 Dave and John Odell have been the longest tenured and most productive team in Drury Outdoors history capturing more than 100 hunts on video during that time span. They have been regulars and appeared on all of the major Drury titles including Dream Season, Whitetail Madness, 100% Wild, Longbeard Madness, and the Big Game. John and Dave were the winners of the first ever season of Dream Season TV based on audience voting.

Bill Epeards

Team PSE

Bill’s adventures have taken him all over the world. He has harvested moose, elk, caribou, mule deer, whitetail deer, javelina, wild boar, turkey, antelope, mountain lion, bear and alligator using a bow with many making the Pope & Young and Boone & Crocket record books. International hunting trips to Africa and New Zealand have produced cape buffalo, lion, elephant, rhino, sable, kudu, gemsbok, gold medal red stag, sika deer and chamois plus many other numerous species. Turkey hunting is a passion of Bill’s. Well known for his superior calling abilities and hunting tactics, his records of success include 16 NWTF grand slams, including two with a bow and two world turkey slams. An avid bird hunter, Bill has traveled to Canada, Mexico and Argentina in search of waterfowl and upland hunting adventures. Bill is also a tournament archer. He has won five IBO National Team Championships, four IBO Individual State Championships and Individual World Champion. Bill is on a number of the elite Pro Staff of some of the leaders in the hunting industry, which includes over 40 years with PSE Archery, Mossy Oak, America’s Best Bowstrings, Bohning Archery, Rocky Boots, Quaker Boy Gamecalls, Carbon Express, Scott Archery Products, Sure-Loc Sights, Jackie’s Deer Lures, Oak Ridge Hunting Blinds, Millennium Treestands, HECS Outdoors, Morrell Targets, Lakewood Products, Upwind Products and Ozonics.

John O'Dell

Drury Outdoors

John has been filming for Drury Outdoors since 1993. Since that time he has been one of the longest tenured and most productive Team Members in Drury Outdoors history capturing more than 100 hunts on video during that time span. He has been a regular and appeared on all of the major Drury titles including Dream Season, Whitetail Madness, 100%Wild, Longbeard Madness, and the Big Game. John and Dave Reisner were the winners of the first ever season of Dream Season TV based on audience voting. He is currently a part of the cast of the PSE’s Bow Madness. He also feels fortunate to be affiliated with such a great company and treasures the friendships that he has forged in the outdoor industry throughout the years. When he is not hunting and filming he spends time traveling and promoting the outdoors lifestyle at numerous sport shows and retail promotions across the country.

Jeff Propst

Drury Outdoors

Jeff has been hunting since the mid 1970's and bow hunting is his passion. Jeff has bow hunted all across the US and Canada but his specialty is Whitetails and Elk. Jeff is blessed to have a hunting family, for years his son Chris and him have traveled extensively hunting and filming their adventures across the country and in Canada. Jeff's wife Roxanne and Daughter Julie are also avid hunters both have taken deer with archery equipment as well as many old long-bearded turkeys. Making his living in the outdoors, Jeff worked for many years in the archery business and is now a real estate agent/land specialist for Whitetail Trophy Properties, a real estate brokerage that specializes in hunting and recreational properties. Being able to spend a lot of time in the outdoors is truly what Jeff loves to do. Hunting, filming, managing the family farm, and assisting buyers and sellers in the land business, Jeff is quick to point out he is blessed to have the lifestyle he has.

Chris Keefer

Dropped TV

Casey Keefer

Dropped TV

Ralph Ramos

Ramos Hunts & Video

Growing up in the state of New Mexico, Ralph has hunted with a bow since he was in high school. He believes in the sport of archery and our human predator instinct, as demonstrated by the fact that he harvested over 60 big game animals by the age of 30! His vocal endorsement promoting elk hunting to the hunting world is part of his daily routine. He enjoys 3-D competition and has won numerous tournaments. He believes working with people in archery, together with hunting camaraderie, brings the most achievement to his life. Ralph Ramos is the owner of Ramos Hunts & Video and is well known for excellent Elk Hunting Seminars.

Taylor Drury

Drury Outdoors

Taylor has been involved with Drury Outdoors since she was a little girl. Mark has involved Taylor in the outdoors and the Drury Outdoors viewers have been able to watch her not only grow up on video, but evolve into an excellent hunter. Taylor has a very loyal following and she has inspired young boys and girls to experience the outdoors with their families. Mark will be the first to tell you that his favorite hunts each year are the ones he gets to go on with his daughter Taylor.

Wyatt Gregory

Wild Outdoors Television

The Wild Outdoors bow hunts turkey and big game - namely big whitetail bucks. Thirteen-year-old Wyatt Gregory may be a "newbie" to teenage life, but he is no newcomer to bow hunting. He killed his first turkey with a bow at six years and his first buck with at bow at ten that scored 153". Wyatt has gone from tagging-along with dad to his dad's favorite hunting and filming partner. Not only does Wyatt pack a mean punch with his PSE Chaos, but he has laid down some great hunts behind the camera as well. With the Gregory family it's not just about the hunt, it's about passing the hunting tradition on and Wyatt is proof of that. Bow hunt everything!

Jada Johnson

Jada Johnson, host of Big Boys Adventures TV, has been sitting in the blinds with her dad since she was 5 years old. Hunting quickly became not just a hobby but a passion and life style for her. There were many mornings Jada was changing out of her camo in the back of her dad’s truck on her way to school after a morning hunt. Tracking the “Big Boy” was never far from her mind and after graduating from high school, she decided to make hunting a full time career. Based out of Northern Michigan, this dynamic duo travels the world hunting big game and has developed Big Boys Adventures into a show that captures the art of hunting as well as connecting anyone who has a passion for the great outdoors and tracking down the “Big Boy”!

PSE Elite Pro Staff - Competition

Christopher Perkins

Team PSE

Chris' dad was a bowhunter and got him started in archery when he was 11. Soon after that, he was introduced into 3-D archery and shot competitively for 4 years and won many local shoots. A few years later he was introduced to target archery and began to make a name for himself. In 2008 he was on the first Canadian team for Junior Worlds in Turkey, then again in 2009 for Junior Worlds in Ogden Utah. Since then he has represented Canada in several international events. In 2011 he won the 2011 Senior Outdoor Worlds held in Italy. In 2012, he made it to the shoot down in his first appearance at the World Archery Festival in Las Vegas. To this day he holds the indoor FITA world record of 599 and also hold the Junior Double 70 of 702.

Paige Pearce

Team PSE

Nathan Brooks

Team PSE

Nathan's desire to compete in tournament archery was fueled by a father that loves the outdoors, hunting and fishing. Hooked on archery from a young age, Nathan won his first Oklahoma state championship at age twelve with a perfect score. After stacking up a list of national and world championships in amateur divisions, he turned professional in 1999. Nathan worked for many years as a pro shop manager and as the marketing director/sales associate for Morrell Mfg, Inc. Today, he owns and operates B2 Bowstrings and continues to pursue the archery tournament trail.

Tim Gillingham

Team PSE

Tim Gillingham is best known for his style of shooting a release aid on command, earning him the good-natured but humorous nickname "The Hammer". One of his long term goals is to gain enough status within archery in order to facilitate the sport into an exciting promotable format. Tim is the 2013 IBO World Champion, holding the new record for no 8's for 50 targets), as well as the 2013 USA Archery Team Qualifier SoCal Showdown Champion. He's also won or medaled in numerous other target and 3D tournaments across the United States

Dietmar Trillus

Team PSE

Like many archers, Dietmar started shooting a bow to hunt deer. He joined a local archery club and started shooting indoor targets to improve his skills. He quickly made a name for himself and in 2007, he shot his first international event, the World FITA Outdoor Championships in Germany and won. He has gone on to win the FITA World Cup and the 2010 World Archery Festival in Las Vegas- the most prestigious event of indoor archery. He also holds most of the international FITA Masters records as well as having the 30-meter FITA record of 360 32X's, which stood for several years and holds the "Double 70" Senior FITA Men's World record of 713.

Chris White

Team PSE

Chris’ parents, who are tournament shooters, introduced Chris to archery at the age of 6. He began shooting on and off, competing at local tournaments with an Olympic bow until the age of 15. He went to watch the World Indoor Championships in 1995 and saw a very different and competitive side to the sport that he didn’t know existed. He was amazed at the accuracy that could be achieved with a compound bow. Over the following 2-3 years, he made his way onto the National team and started his 11-year run as Britain's Number 1 archery competitor.

Loren Robinsen

Team PSE

As a child, his father introduced Loren to hunting. It was a neighbor who got him started in the sport of archery. Loren began shooting 3-D archery to sharpen his hunting skills, but his first shoot was the beginning of a journey that has taken him on hunts and competitive tournaments across the United States. After working his way through the amateur ranks, Loren turned professional in 2005. He loves to share his expertise in archery with young shooters and works with PSE to promote the sport. He is also an avid big game hunter and has taken numerous field trophies as well as on the range.

Frank Pearson

Team PSE

Frank Pearson has been shooting a bow since 1949 and started shooting professionally in 1966. He has more wins than we could ever list including over forty-five state titles, ten national championships and thirteen international championships. More importantly, Frank is a true ambassador to the sport of archery. He is one of the finest coaches in the world. Frank founded Frank Pearson's School of Archery in 1991 and he has conducted archery seminars in eleven countries around the world.

Camilla Soemod

Team PSE

Camilla's dad introduced her to the sport of archery at the age of ten. By the age of fifteen, she made the Senior National Team and took the silver medal at the European Championships. This was just the beginning for Camilla who throughout the next ten years returned with fourteen medals from European and World Championships. Camilla also teaches archery to troubled and handicapped kids in her local community, spreading her love for the sport and providing them with skills to succeed in life.

Scott Starnes

Team PSE

Scott was first introduced to archery in 1985. He was looking for a way to extend deer hunting season and archery seemed like the way to do it. After a couple years of deer hunting with a bow, he was invited to the local archery club to shoot some 3-D. Scott shot local 3-D shoots for several years just for something to do after hunting season. In 1993, he started hanging out at the local shop and shooting indoor rounds. Scott was hooked! Over the next 10 years, he started shooting local shoots and had success early on which led him to start shooting nationally. In 2003, he turned Pro and continues shooting today. His current bow of choice is the 2011 Dominator Pro Hybrid. He has won the 1st WAF Stan Open, 1st Presley's Midwest Open, 1st KC Pro-am (twice), multiple Indiana indoor and outdoor championships and has multiple Indiana state records.

Dee Starnes

Team PSE

Dee was introduced to the sport of archery in 2006 by her husband, Scott Starnes. In 2007, she started shooting archery competitively. Through the ranks, she has had numerous achievements and awards. In 2010, Dee started shooting professionally. She enjoys archery because it's a fun and challenging sport. She likes shooting competively because it is very rewarding for her to be able to shoot with some of the friendliest people she has ever met.

Christine Harrelson

Christine has been a part of the PSE family ever since she picked up her first bow in July of 2012. She turned pro just 3 months later and by the end of the year, competed as the only U.S. female to qualify for the 2013 Indoor World Cup Finals. The following year, she earned her first ASA podium finish in the Women's Pro class. The winning streak has continued ever since, with five ASA finals and four more podium finishes in 2015, including a tournament win at the Metropolis, Illinois ASA. Christine competes in the ASA, IBO, World Archery, NFAA and USA Archery tournament circuits. When she is not competing, she teaches archery in her home state of North Carolina.