Bow Press Info

Special notice about approved PSE X Technology bowpresses

PSE X-Technology (split limb) bows must be serviced in a bow press and require special consideration. Due to the advanced designs of these bows we recommend only using an approved bow press in order to press these bows. Use of a non-approved bow press WILL result in damage to your bow.

Bow Presses that have been tested and approved by PSE to perform full service on X-Technology bows:
1. ACCU-Archery Pro Press
2. EZ Press by Last Chance Archery
3. HTM Presses
4. E.L.P. Bow press by L.A. Archery
5. C.W. Erickson’s Big Squeeze Press with Limb Fork Attachment
6. Apple Evolution Bow Press
7. Apple Eliminator Bow Press
8. Sure-Loc X-Press Pro and X-Press Archer
9. Archery Tooling Corp. Spikepress bow press
Bow presses that have been tested and approved by PSE for servicing string and cables only. (These presses will not allow the limbs to relax enough for complete disassembly.)
1. Sure-Loc X-Press with USL Adapters
2. Apple Super Pro Press with Parallel Limb Adapters
Any bow press manufacturers that are interested in developing a solution with PSE can contact PSE directly.
Please visit this website again to see additions to the list of approved presses.