Carbon Force™ EXT 2700 Shafts, Dozen picture

Carbon Force™ EXT 2700 Shafts, Dozen

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PSE now offers the best Target arrows on the market. Introducing the new PSE EXT Target arrows. Offered in two popular target diameters, the PSE EXT is guaranteed to +-.001straightness and a 1/2 grain variance per dozen shafts. In addition, every PSE EXT arrow is spine matched. That means that if you purchase a dozen today and another a year from now, the same spine of the arrow will be the same and the weight of the arrow will be within +-3 grains. PSE EXT arrows are also fully Coated with PSE’s whisper coating for easier removal from targets. PSE uses an exclusive Fast Recovery System (FRS) technology in building each arrow. All shafts feature a spine alignment mark for easy and accurate fletching and come with pin bushings and pin nocks, points (sold separate).