What's new for 2012 from PSE Archery


2012 PSE Dream Season EVO

The New 2012 PSE Dream Season EVO

Editor’s Note: Would you like great new features at no extra cost? PSE is constantly looking for ways to make their bows better fit their customer’s needs. In the 2012 new product line for PSE, you’ll see more adjustability, better fit and many more technical bows. The bows are easier to shoot and produce better performance for all archers. To get the best information, we’ve talked with Blake Shelby, the Public Relations and Marketing Director for PSE Bows, who says that, “PSE bow designers are the most unsatisfied engineers in the world, because they always believe they can make bows better.”

Question: The Archery Trade Association (ATA) held its annual show for new products on January 10th through 12th in Columbus, Ohio. PSE Archery was there showing its new line of equipment for 2012. Blake, what was PSE’s number one flagship bow this year at the ATA Show, and why?

Shelby: We introduced the new and improved 2012 Dream Season EVO in X-Force line. The EVO was introduced in 2011 and set the world of archery on fire. We couldn’t produce enough EVOs to meet the demand of all the archers wanting them across the nation. The EVO is the smoothest drawing bow in the X-Force line. At 345 fps, the EVO has incredible speed. But one of the reasons that so many people began to demand the EVO is because of its smooth draw cycle. We make bows that are faster, like the Omen Pro. But the bowhunting community also has demanded the speed, the performance and the draw cycle that the EVO delivers.

The EVO was so successful last year, that this year we’ve decided to optimize the bow. We’ve improved the cams and reduced vibrations to give the bow a better feel. One of the biggest improvements we’ve made to the EVO is a new cam system. Now, you can get draw lengths within ½ inch, with a total of 6 possible inches in draw length adjustment, without a module change. In the past, if you were shooting 26 ½ inch draw lengths, you had to settle for either a 26 or a 27 inch draw length. This ½ inch increment difference wasn’t too bad, but you couldn’t make the bow fit you perfectly, unless you changed the module. Now, without having to change any parts of the bow, you can get the ½ inch adjustments you may need. The new bow also has a stainless steel locking pin that locks the inner cam into place, so there’s no possibility of slipping. Tournament archers and bowhunters love and ask for precision and adjustability in their bows. That ½ inch really can make a big difference in how comfortably an archer shoots. The more customized you can make a bow (especially a performance bow like the EVO), the better bow you have. In the past, archers using precision bows have been somewhat limited to specific draw lengths, including a module change at every draw length. But now that the EVO has an inner cam, changing the draw length is much easier.

The new EVO also comes with 30% longer limb pockets, and a new limb system that works within these pockets. The new limbs are our fourth generation of X-Force limbs. The new EVO has 20% more bend, so that you have less reflex in the riser. Any time you have a straighter riser, the more accuracy you can get out of your bow.

What’s great is that PSE is delivering all these new features on the EVO to our customers without increasing the price of the bow. The new PSE Dream Season EVO in the X-Force line is probably one of the lowest priced high end bows on the archery market. In this tough economy, we’ve deliberately set out to increase performance, but not the price, so the 2012 EVO will be the same price as last year’s model. Another great advantage of the EVO is that it will hold its price well compared to other bows, if you decide to trade it in or sell it when you step up to the next generation of PSE bows. We’re really excited about what PSE has been able to do to deliver the features our customers have requested without increasing prices.

2012 PSE EVO 7

PSE Creates Three EVOs for 2012, but Keeps the 2011 Price Intact

Question: What’s the next bow you’re excited about, Blake? And what makes it special and different for 2012?

Shelby: With the success of the EVO last year, we really worked hard to give it more options. So this year, for the shooters who liked a little more forgiveness and a longer brace height, we came out with a 7 inch brace height EVO called the EVO 7. We built a bow that delivers 335 fps with all of the exact same features as the 2012 Dream Season EVO but has a 7 inch brace height.

To make more bows to fit more hunters, we also created a bow with a shorter brace height than the standard 2012 Dream Season EVO, called the EVO SD. This bow is designed for archers all the way down to a 24 ½ inch draw length and fits archers from 24 ½ to 28 ½ inch draw lengths. With the addition of these two bows to the EVO line, once again we’re developing bows that fit more shooters, rather than trying to make the shooters fit the bows. Now everyone can shoot an EVO, whether he or she wants the standard, the 7 inch or the EVO SD. You get all of these new features in the 2012 model, to fit almost every archer, regardless of draw length.

Another feature to appreciate is that all three of the new EVOs will sell for the same price as the EVO did in 2011. The EVO 7 has a 31 inch draw length, while the standard EVO has a 30 inch draw length, and the EVO SD goes all the way down to a 24 ½ inch draw length. We feel that introducing these three bows will serve all of our customers better with the best of PSE engineering, at the same price as last year. All three of these bows have the same cam system and same performance but feature the ability to get a bow that fits you in adjustability. When you’re looking at and comparing bows, you want to pick the bow that fits you the best and delivers the performance you’ve come to expect from PSE Archery.

2012 PSE Vendetta

The All New 2012 PSE Vendetta Bow

Question: Blake, the Vendetta has been an extremely popular, less expensive bow from PSE. Have you made any changes in this line?

Shelby: The Vendetta is a rock star and has almost a cult following. In the past, we’ve offered a couple of different bows in our Vendetta line, but this year our engineers looked at the Vendetta and chose to completely redesign it. We’re introducing a new drive cam for the Vendetta bows. This cam is incredibly fast at 330 fps, and it’s one of the smoothest bows in our line, featuring a very smooth draw cycle. The Vendetta still has all of the speed you’ve come to expect from the Pro Series bows, but the new Vendetta is somewhat longer in length. At 34 inches axle to axle, it really feels great when you shoot it. The Vendetta is usually the bow a hunter gets when he first gets into archery or when he wants to step up from a lower priced bow with fewer features. When PSE came out with the Pro Series bows, the world of archery was forever changed. Now PSE wants to drastically improve the bow that has always been a great bow, to make it better at a lower price.

PSE’s motto has always been, “Deliver the most features and benefits for a price that bowhunters can pay, and give them the best shooting bows they can possibly have for the dollars they have to spend.” PSE bow designers are the most unsatisfied engineers in the world. They always believe that they can continue to make bows better. This reason is why PSE engineers want to continue improving classics like the Vendetta, just like they’ve improved the EVO. They want Vendetta shooters to be able to take advantage of all the new technology that’s coming to the forefront of the archery industry and get that technology in bows they can appreciate.

2012 PSE Stiletto

Ladies, Here Comes the PSE Stiletto Bow

Question: We’ve seen a growing demand for bows for female archers. What’s PSE creating?

Shelby: If you really want to be a lady with all the glam and glitz of style and function coming from the fashion industry, you know that stiletto high heels deliver the height and beauty for which many high fashion ladies are looking. Therefore when PSE took on the challenge of designing a bow strictly for women archers, the word Stiletto fit perfectly. The ladies have told us they don’t want a second class bow. They want all the features of the X-Force technology built into a bow that’s been designed specifically for them – a challenge for the PSE bow engineers.

The first consideration has been draw length. Most female archers have a shorter draw length than their male counterparts. Also, generally they prefer to pull lighter poundage than male archers, but don’t want to give up speed in their bows. We’ve designed the new mini EVO hybrid cam for the ladies, and put it in an X-Force format, which gives the ladies a very fast and smooth bow designed specifically for female archers. The Stiletto bow has many of the same features as the EVO, but its cam is smaller than the EVO cam. It fits shorter draw lengths, from 22 ½ to 27 inches but still gives the speed and performance women archers want and need with shorter draw lengths and lighter poundage. The Stiletto bow allows women to punch out those big game animals when they go hunting. At 27 inches draw length, the bow can produce speeds of 308 fps. Never has there been a bow built in this draw length range that can deliver that much speed. Now, just like the changes and the options that we’ve given the EVO shooters, we want to deliver those same options for the ladies who use the Stiletto. The bow is built in three different weights of 40, 50 and 60 pound models. Now the ladies don’t have to worry about fighting the bow to get it back to full draw. If they want to step up to the heavier bow, we have the bows to allow them to move all the way up to 60 pounds.

Many companies have come out with what they call “a women’s bow,” and truly the bow is actually a youth bow with a different paint job and graphics. But that’s not what PSE has done with the Stiletto. We’ve strictly engineered and designed this bow for women archers. We want to give women the speed and performance, weight and draw length that’s designed specifically for them. Most women don’t want to pull 70 pounds or have a 30 inch draw length, so we’ve designed the Stiletto to fit their needs. Most of the innovations of the Stiletto have been recommended by the female members of our hunting staff, Julie Kreuter and Tammy Gregory. We’ve also had input from our ladies who shoot 3D archery. These women and others who hunt have been asking for this bow and have had input on what it should be and how it should be built. We kept hearing more from a growing number of ladies asking, “Why doesn’t PSE build a bow specifically for us?” So, we asked, “What features does the bow need to have, to make it a women’s bow?” As they started to answer these questions, we began to build the features into the new Stiletto from PSE. The bottom line on the Stiletto is that, the women asked for it, and now we’ve delivered their bow.

2012 PSE Rally

The PSE Rally: The Most Adjustable Bow in the Marketplace

Shelby: We listen to our customers, especially the dealers at the bow shops. Our question to them was, “What can we do to help you the most?” Their answer was, “Give us one bow that we can adjust to fit any shooter.” As you know, the fit of a bow has major bearing on accuracy and also on comfort, grip and shootability of the bow. The PSE engineers wanted to give the dealers what they wanted, a bow that was easy to adjust to any shooter. That bow is the new Rally. The Rally is the most adjustable bow that PSE ever has made. Our small youth bows have great adjustability, but we’ve now produced this full adult size adjustable bow. The Rally has good speed at 308 fps; it has a 7 ½ inch brace height, and its 33 ¾ inches long. One main feature of the Rally is its 12 inches of draw length adjustment. This bow can go from 18 to 31 inches of draw length. You also can change the amount of weight that you pull by simply loosening the cables in the cam. So, if you buy a 50 pound model, you can get it down to 15 pounds of pull weight. If you buy a 60 pound model, you can get it down to 18 pounds of draw weight. And, if you buy a 70 pound model, you can get the bow down to 20 pounds of draw weight.

Your first question may be, “Why produce a bow with so much adjustability?” Well, here are some of the reasons:

  • We know that most bowhunters don’t start shooting their bows until bow season’s almost arrived. As they continue shooting, they get stronger and stronger the more they practice. In the early days of practice, they need a lightweight bow to develop and build their muscles. By the time hunting season comes in, they’re often ready to shoot heavier weights. We’ve found that when archers start shooting a lot in preparation for hunting season or for tournament archery, they often want to increase the weight of their bows by as much as 15 to 20 pounds as their muscles get stronger, and they desire more speed. They can take the Rally and start at a very low poundage (half the weight of the bow) and then begin to add pounds to the bow as they become stronger.
  • Another factor that makes this bow great is that many bowhunters have children who need to start off shooting with light poundage. With this bow, the youngster can start shooting at 20 pounds, and as he or she gets stronger, move up in weight to a weight that’s comfortable to him as he grows.
  • A bowhunter who buys a Rally, as he moves up in weight and wants more features, can pass the Rally down to his children, and then step up to a more expensive bow himself.
  • An older hunter who’s been shooting a heavy poundage bow can stay in the industry much longer if he or she purchases a Rally and turns the weight of the bow down to the weight that’s comfortable to him.
  • The Rally doesn’t have a specific weight, because it’s so adjustable and will fit almost any shooter. The re sale value on the Rally will stay very high, since this bow can be adjusted to fit almost any hunter.

We’ve given our dealers and customers what they’ve wanted: the most adjustable bow in the marketplace for a very price conscious consumer. The Rally is priced at $299. For this reason, an entry level bowhunter or a tournament archer can get into the sport of bowhunting or tournament archery at a very reasonable price, with a bow that will grow with him or her and the family. With a conventional bow that only has 6 to 10 pounds of weight adjustment, there isn’t much adjustment a shooter can make. The Rally gives the shooter almost double the weight adjustment in the same bow. One of the things I do is that when I get new bows, I pass my old bows on to other people who want to get into bowhunting. These people may be family, friends or just an individual who needs a bow and doesn’t have one. But when you pass the bow on, the bow really needs to fit the person that you’re giving it to, and the Rally can be adjusted to fit almost anyone.

One big advantage for the retailers is that now they don’t have to sell a wide variety of introductory bows. They now will have a bow to fit any customer who may come into the shop and is interested in beginning to shoot archery. The Rally will adjust to almost any body who walks into a bow shop, at any time of the year.

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