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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My bow has a crack in the limb, is it under warranty?

A: If you are the original owner of your bow, then more than likely, your limbs are covered under warranty. There are occasions when equipment is no longer covered under our warranty. Please take your bow to your local authorized PSE dealer and they will contact PSE Customer Service for warranty repair.

Q: I’m not sure who is my local authorized PSE Dealer is? / What if I do not have a local authorized dealer?

A: You may contact customer service at 520-884-9065 and request a Return Authorization Number. Then you may send your bow back to PSE for warranty repair work to be done.
Please include your RA# on the outside of the box and inside of the box please include a detailed explanation of your problem. Our mailing address is: PSE 2727 N. Fairview  Tucson, AZ 85705

You can also use the Dealer Search at the top tab to locate your nearest dealer.

Q: I did not get a users manual with my purchase, how do I obtain one?

A: The manual is available in Adobe's Acrobat format (pdf file) The links are below.

Q: Can I upgrade my bow with newer cams?

A: In most cases, it is not cost effective for you to do that. New limbs, Cable, String, Idler Wheel and Cam will need to be purchased. That money is better spent on a new bow that has new technology incorporated into it.        

Q: I have an older Crossbow- can I still obtain parts for it?

A: In most cases, have your local authorized PSE Archery dealer contact PSE customer service to see what we have in stock.