Easy to Adjust, Easy to Tune

The EVOLVE™ Cam System (ECS) is the easiest tuning cam we've ever made, but it's also the easiest to adjust! The ECS features rotating cam modules designed to give you maximum ease of adjustment with no bow press required for all let-off options and draw lengths. Our draw stop is designed to move with the module, and is adjustable for let-off options of 80%, 85%, and 90% with the standard module. The ECS is also available with an optional low let-off module for 65%, 70%, and 75% let-off options to increase speeds by up to 8 fps.

The Ultimate Quad-Track Cam System

Specially engineered to eliminate cam lean and lateral nock travel, our EVOLVE™ Cam System (ECS) features a quad-track cable design with split 3D cable grooves and a centered string tack to provide a more stable and accurate shot over two-track systems. These balanced string and cable forces deliver not only a better shot, but also create a system that is highly resistant to changes caused by environmental factors such as heat, cold, or humidity.

Maximum Comfort. Maximum Performance

There are other cams out there that offer 90% let-off, but they all sacrifice performance for comfort. Thanks to PSE’s all-new EVOLVE™ Cam System (ECS) and our incredible X-Force geometry, you no longer have to make that sacrifice. Bows featuring our ECS are still the hard hitting, high performance monsters you expect from PSE, but are also incomparably shootable.

Evolve Cam System (ECS)

An Unbelievable Shooting Experience

Nothing compares to the all-new EVOLVE™ Cam System (ECS) from PSE! The ECS was engineered by PSE from the ground up to deliver maximum “shootability” with ZERO sacrifice in high performance. One shot and you’ll know that this is an amazing shooting experience unlike any cam you’ve ever shot before!

The ECS smoothly eases you from peak weight into a deep valley before resting in a consistent and relaxed pocket with a rock solid back wall at up to 90% let-off.

This allows you to hold and aim at full draw with unparalleled comfort and consistency.