Chris Perkins Wins ASA Classic Men’s K50 with 2016 PSE Xpression!

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Wow! What a great weekend for Christopher Perkins, and what a grand debut for the all-new 2016 PSE Xpression!

Moments after PSE had unveiled their all-new 2016 target bow lineup on Friday night at the ASA Classic in Phenix City, AL., PSE Elite Pro Shooter Chris Perkins asked an unexpected question — could he shoot the new 2016 PSE Xpression in the tournament? Bobby Vargas of PSE Marketing scrambled to get approval from PSE’s upper management and after what seemed like an eternity the word came down that yes, Christopher Perkins would be shooting this all-new PSE target bow for the weekend.

This approval did not come without a lack of concern, however. Outside of a few minutes at the PSE Factory, Perkins had not gotten in any practice time with the bow, and the one he shot in the factory was built on a previous generation cam system, not PSE’s new DM cams. There was also the problem that the bow was taken to the ASA Classic for show purposes only. No one was expected to actually shoot it, especially not under tournament conditions.

So Perkins rose early on Saturday morning, pulled the accessories from his existing bow to put the on the new one, and tuned the bow up at the Archery Connection store in Phenix City. He then headed out for about an hour of practice time.

That hour really paid off, because both Perkins and the 2016 PSE Xpression knocked it out of the park. On Sunday Perkins shot 24 points up to go from 5th place to 1st, winning the Men’s K50 with the recently revealed bow. According to Perkins, he knew that he could do big things with the new bow.


“I kinda knew that what PSE had going in 2016 would be amazing, especially with the Xpression. A completely revamped target bow with the new cams and Wide-Track limbs…nothing on it from the old Dominators,” Perkins stated. “It holds great, it shoots great, and even if I didn’t shoot for PSE I’d be saying the same thing. When people were holding this thing after the reveal, they just couldn’t believe how amazing it looks and feels.”

Perkins also stated that the collective crowd couldn’t believe he had just gotten the bow in his hands a little over 24 hours earlier. For his part, PSE’s Bobby Vargas couldn’t believe it either.

“When we did the reveal, our Pros were with us at the booth and I gave the Xpression to Chris to hold up for the crowd. You could see the excitement on the crowd’s face, but there was something in Chris’ eyes, almost as if he knew what was gonna happen. In all my years at PSE, I’ve never been part of something so electric.”

In addition the all-new 2016 Xpression, PSE also unveiled the all-new Xpression 3D, Supra EXT, and a long-draw hunting bow based on their new Wide-Track target limb system, The Beast EXT.


For Christopher Perkins, he believes that 2016 is going to be a game-changer for PSE.

“I think now having the reveal and then a huge win in the same weekend, people are really going to take notice,” Perkins reflected. “I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of us PSE guys on the podium next year.”