By Emily Anderson The venison in my freezer is slowly dwindling down, but there are still plenty of packages to get me through a couple more months.  With each package subtracted from my freezer supply, I am mentally calculating how much longer it will last. With my stock rapidly becoming depleted, I found myself
By Emily Anderson While the wind taunted snowflakes all around outside today, covering the ground in furled blankets of snow, it was a different story inside my house.  A wonderful smell waffled from my oven.  The battle raged outside, as snow attempted to pile along the fence line, only to be whipped up again
By Emily Anderson We journey through wooded lands, in pursuit of wild game, traveling along unfamiliar paths, known to only those who call the forest home.  With each step we take, we neatly tuck memories in our packs, a keepsake to carry home.  This memento is enough, as the hunt lives on and dwells
By Emily Anderson This is the time of year we are all dreaming up new recipes for using all the game meat safely tucked away in our freezers, at least I know that I am. Hopefully, a tag has been filled by someone in your household and you also have the “problem” of overabundance

Thanksgiving…Bacon Style!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012 by
Everything goes great with bacon! These days, they are even pairing it with ice cream, but how about turkey? One of our PSE followers, Tomas Gonzales, submitted his Thanksgiving turkey pics and recipe. We couldn’t resist! Here are the steps to Thanksgiving bacon style! Ingredients: 15-20 lb Turkey – cleaned, gutted, and thawed 1 tsp