Brian Stephens of Ultimate Bowhunting TV gives us his take on the new 2015 Deam Season Decree. Head to our 2015 Dream Season Decree page to check out the hottest new bow of the year, and be sure to head over to Ultimate Bowhunting TV for more awesome videos!
Editor’s Note: A member of PSE’s and Mossy Oak’s Pro Staffs and a fixture on Mossy Oak’s TV show “Turkey Thugs,” Bob Walker of Livingston, Alabama, has guided for deer and turkeys  for 28 years at Bent Creek Lodge in Jachin, Ala. He’s been deer hunting for more than 40 years and has shot the
By Dustin Jones Throughout the summer months it can be difficult for hunters. There is the anticipation for the upcoming archery season with the lull of nothing to hunt. This time of year is well spent scouting for a new hunting spot or making sure the old stand will still be a reliable spot.
By Al Quackenbush Scouting and finding a good hunting spot can be a truly time-consuming process. The same might be said of archery practice and honing your skills. Why not combine the two and make for some fun scouting/target practice? It’s a great way to pass the time and shoot in the outdoors! My
By Emily Anderson A general internet search or call to your local Division of Wildlife will easily reveal the fact that women entering the hunting community continues to grow each year. They now contribute millions of dollars each year toward wildlife and habitat programs through hunting license fees, taxes on bows, guns, etc., and donations
By Will Jenkins Finding your way to stand can be difficult and planning your entrance is essential to a successful hunt. How you get to your stand is often overlooked when hunting and can prove to be a deal breaker on bagging that record big buck. The shortest distance between your parking spot and
By Dave Lee – Bass Pro Hunting Staff I would have never thought that on December 26th, of all days, I would come face to face with my nemesis. The buck I’d been hunting for the last 80 days shows up at 1:00 in the afternoon, broadside, without a care in the world. Only one problem…he
By Dustin Jones Out here in the west, my style of hunting is mainly spot and stalk, and just like any style of hunting, it requires a lot of scouting to pattern the animal and ensure that you will be hunting in the right area. Once you think you’re in the right area, you
By Jared Bloomgren As far as archery junkies we are all wanting to know what each other has decided to shoot for the year. What bow are you using? What arrows? Broadheads? Rest? Sights? Strings? Quiver? Stabilizers? Etc, etc…I get asked this question each and every year and decided to touch quickly on my set
By Al Quackenbush The off season is the perfect time for bowhunters to take the time to review what gear they have and what they might need to replace. Bowhunting in Southern California has many advantages; there is plenty of public land, you can hunt in many ‘no firearm’ areas, and deer season is