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PSE Announces Major Expansion Initiative

Tucson, Arizona – October 17th, 2014 - Precision Shooting Equipment, Inc. today announced an expansion initiative in both personnel and research development after experiencing three years of record growth.

Emphasizing their commitment to the future of the archery industry, PSE has planned a substantial multi-year investment into new manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge product engineering. “The marketplace for archery has spoken, and they’ve told us that we are on the right track,” says Jon Shepley, PSE’s Chief Executive Officer. “In the last 8 years we have invested over $8,000,000 in state of the art machinery and brought in some of the finest engineers in the country. The results; we introduced X Force Technology and literally changed the look and performance for all compound bows. We have increased arrow speeds by close to 70 fps and have the highest customer loyalty in our company’s history.”

For PSE this new initiative means sharing and co-developing engineering technologies with other industries, and also teaming up with local universities for scientific research.

This initiative also includes further expansion of the workforce at PSE’s Arizona-based production facility, a facility which has already added 83 new positions in the last year.

“We are dedicated to leadership and growth of the industry,” continued Shepley. “We had a consistent and clear plan for growth, and the key to that was delivering the ultimate bow technology for each and every price point. We believe in performance, and we succeeded in breaking down price barriers to existing and new consumers, and in delivering the highest performing product they could buy. Because of that success we are adding new American jobs and are investing in creating not only the bow of today, but also the bow of the future.”


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