Nathan Brooks wins the 2016 IBO World Championship!

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Stephan Hansen Wins the European Championship!

See Blake Shelby's EXPLOSIVE Carbon Air Trick Shot!

Experience the Carbon Air

The all-new PSE Carbon Air

The revolution begins! Check out the world's first monocoque constructed Carbon Bow -- the lightest bow in the world.
Learn More About PSE TrueCarbon™ Technology

PSE True Carbon Technology

Not satisfied with the weight and limitations of the solid carbon components used by other bows, we’ve developed our TrueCarbon™ and SRAC™ technology to create a single structural carbon shell.
S-RAC™ Stops Vibration at the Bow's Core

PSE S-RAC™Technology

PSE's Structural Rigid Acoustic Core (S-RAC™) Technology is designed to absorb and suppress vibration and noise at the bow’s core, making the bow dead quiet in your hand.
Shoot like the Pros!

PSE Pro Series Bows

Shoot what the elite bow hunters and archers shoot with the PSE Pro Series. From the PSE Full Throttle, the fastest bow ever made at 370 fps, to what is destined to two of the greatest all-around hunting bows ever made, the Dream Season Decree and Decree HD! This year, our top-line Pro Series bows have been refreshed with new medallions, decals, and Titanium hardware!
A Bow for Every Budget

PSE Mainline Series Bows

The PSE Mainline delivers everything from pro-level performance to the best in beginner compound bows. Check out the 2015 Bow Madness 34 with its revolutionary hybrid cam that adjusts like a single cam, or the all-new Brute Force -- the power you want at the price you'll love!
See the Best Crossbow Line-Up of 2016

The All-New Line of PSE Crossbows

Check out the new 2016 Crossbow line-up, featuring the new Fang 350™, and RDX™ 400!

About PSE Archery

Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) is the largest manufacturer of compound bows, target bows, crossbows, and traditional recurve bows in the world. Focused on cutting-edge bow technology, PSE engineers the fastest compound hunting bow on the market, the 370 fps PSE Full Throttle, as well as the most affordable high-performance bow in the world, the Stinger-X. All of PSE’s compound bows are proudly made in America at our Tucson, AZ production facility.